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At Granby, MO


The 4th Annual Preachers Files Lectureship


Youth Gathering Oct 16th 2010

Photos of the work in India

Indian Christian School under construction
See Photos of recent Baptisms
See Photos of Esudas' 3rd trip to the United States.
See Photos of Esudas' trip to the United States for the second annual Preachers Files Lectureship.
See Photos of Esudas' trip to the United States for the third annual Preachers Files Lectureship.
Photos of Bontha Esudas with Hershel Bearden
Preaching The Gospel in India
Churches of Christ in India
The church of Christ in  Makkenvaripalem
The church of Christ  in Subbaiahpalem
The church of Christ in Ramanjaneyapuram
The church of Christ in Rajanagaram
The church of Christ in
The church of Christ in
Massad Manyam
Indian Christian School
The Christian School for children
Challenges in India
Caste System
Educating the Poor
Supporting the work

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