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The church of Christ in Subbaiahpalem:
This congregation was started by Esudas in 2004 with 16 souls.  It is a remote village with a population of about 3000. All of these members are converted from the new Apostolic denomination.  They have since grown to have 25 in  regular attendance.  All of them are members of Lord's Church.  None of them can read or write so they are wholly dependant on Esudas and his family to bring them the word of God.
The members work in the fishing industry and also catch rats in the agricultural fields of the higher caste citizens.  The rats spoil the rice and other fields.  They are payed by the land lords for each rat they catch. 

They have a complete building for the worship assembly.  After the congregation converted from denominationalism, the old group came and took the roof off the building.  They later offered to return the roof if they would convert back to the new Apostolic denomination.  The members of the church of Christ in Subbaiahpalem refused and enough money was raised by Christians from the United States to replace the roof. 

Sister Lakshmi was from this village and due to the lack of proper treatment she recently died.  If proper medical treatment could have been provided  she would have survived a few more years.  She was a good young mother of 3 children and a faithful Christian wife. 

It is difficult for the poor.  Money is in short supply for medicines and treatment.  They are in constant need of our prayers 

Worship is every Sunday Morning at 9:00 AM.  Bible class is on Friday evenings at 7:00. 


The faithful saints in the church of Christ in Subbaiahpalem greet you warmly. 


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