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Youth Gathering Oct 16th 2010

Ongoing Projects:

B. Esudas' mission has a number of goals in sight.  With the first priority being the spreading of the gospel, there are goals that are aimed at addressing the immediate needs of the Christians as well as long term goals of helping to make the congregations of the church of Christ in Esudas area more self sufficient.  At the present time, all six congregations of the church of Christ where Esudas preaches combined cannot support him or their own immediate needs. 

Esudas' work is almost wholly funded from sources outside the six congregations where he serves.  The contributions of all six churches on October 7th was less than 3 dollars with a total attendance of 85 souls.  These Christians are poverty stricken and utterly incapable of sustaining the needs of Esudas in his work. 

The most immediate need is the care and support of Esudas' orphaned children.  In addition to his own three children, he and his family have taken in an additional 9 orphans they are caring for in their own home.   In addition to this, there are a number of aged, infirmed and widowed Christians in these congregations who are unable to work and earn a living for themselves.  The congregations themselves are unable to provide for the needs of these saints and they are dependant upon outside contributions in order to meet their most basic needs which is primarily food.

Another long term project is to finish the construction of the worship facilities in Makkenavaripalem and Ramanjaneyapuram.  Construction for these facilities were started but never completed due to a lack of funds.  The details and cost of these projects are included in the sections for each individual congregation.

The Livings Stone Preachers Training School was operating in Makkenavaripalem.  Student preachers were taught the basics of the Church doctrine, over view of the Bible, preaching techniques and sermon preparation.  The preachers school was closed due to a lack of funding in December of 2004.  There were 29 student preachers who were attending the school in November before it was closed.  New preachers are needed to spread the gospel throughout India.  The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.   One of the long term goals is to re-open the preacher training school to train men to carry the gospel to the populace. 

Esudas has opened a Christian school where the children can be educated and raised to be strong Christians capable of being doctors and officers among his caste.  If the people can get a proper education, they have a hope of overcoming their poverty and then helping the churches in this area to become self sufficient.  The key to assuring the future of the Lord's church in this area of India is education for the young.  It is the only way these people will ever be able to get out from under the need for outside support.  Thanks to the generosity of congregations of the Lord's church this school has been opened and is currently operating out of Esudas own home. 

Transportation is an issue to overcome with the Christian school.  Children from neighboring villages cannot attend the school because there is no transportation for them.  Esudas has been successful in raising the money and acquiring a bus to transport more children from the neighboring villages and communities to the school on a regular basis.  This bus is very expensive to keep registered, operate and maintain.  Please keep this work in your prayers as many children depend on this bus to get to and from the Christian school.

In addition to the expense of operating and maintaining a bus is the expense of feeding the children while they are at school.  Currently there is no program for feeding these children.  They are required to bring their own food to school with them.

Without the contributions of others the congregations of the Lord's church would be without literate preachers who can bring them the truth of God's word.  The Christian school would be unable to continue and many impoverished Christians would not have an opportunity to eat even one decent meal a day.  There is a real opportunity here to help the light of God's truth shine in this part of the world.  

Preaching The Gospel in India
Christian School
Feeding Aged, Infirmed and Widowed Christians
Preacher Training School
Worship Facility Construction
Worship Facility Construction Ramanjaneyapuram
Challenges in India
Caste System
Educating the Poor
Supporting the work
How to send support
Matthew 28:19-20

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:  Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."


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