Bontha Esudas Indian Mission
The churches of Christ in India greet you

Challenges we are facing

India is a Hindu dominated country. You can see it in the statistics. The population is 80.5% Hindus. Most of the leaders are Hindus and rule the government. They pass Government Orders requiring Hindus to get the votes in their elections. You can see the pictures of Hindu Gods in all of the Government offices. The leaders go to Hindu Temples and give offerings to the Hindu Gods. It is usually published in all the leading newspapers in India. Because of that all of the Hindus know that their leaders favor Hinduism. Every 5 years we have elections. At that time the candidates promise to take care of all the people in all walks of life. They claim not to care about casts or religions. These promises will change from location to location. They will speak what the area people want to hear. If they are in Hindu areas they will pretend to prefer the Hindus. They tell the people "We are Indians and we have to protect our religion and we have to abolish all of the other religions." When they are in lower caste areas, the story changes to whatever the people want to hear in hopes of getting their votes.

We have a big temple in India. It is called the Tirupati. Hindus worship three gods. They are Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. They believe Vishnu was born and was reincarnated with a different name 10 times, like venkateswara, Rama, krishana,Govinda etc. Here in my district they used to worship Venkateswara. After the elections every minister will visit Tirupathy and offer their gifts to him. Even the Indian president used to come to Tirupathy and bowed before Venkateswara and vowed that he will protect Hindus.

The Caste system in India: I would like to share few words about cast system in India. This caste system is written in the Hindu Holy book RUG VEDA. It teaches that all of the people originated from the Body of Brahma, claiming him as the creator.

There are 4 main casts in India. Brahmans,(Hindu priest) Kshatriya,(kings) Vysya(business people) Sudra. They believe Brahmans originated from the Head of Brahma, Kshtrivas from the shoulders, Vysyas from thighs of Brahma and the Sudras from his feet. So because of that all of the Sudras are treated as lower class citizens. They live in outskirts of the cities in villages. Most of the Christians or denominational people belong to the cast of Sudra.

Poverty is a way of life in India. Because of their caste, the Sudras are looked down upon.  They get the lowest paying jobs and live in the poorest areas.  Medical attention is expensive and difficult.  Poverty is prevalent among them.  Receiving little or no education, the majority are illiterate being unable even to read a Bible.  There is little hope with the present circumstances that many of them will ever be able to rise above the caste system and improve their standard of living to any great degree. 

The Hindus have a project called
Dalitha Govindam. The higher caste Hindu priests and other Hindu leaders will come to areas where Christians live and they will sit in the streets with the people and eat the food and try to convert them to Hinduism. It is notable that they will bring their food and water but they will sit on separate mats keeping a distance from the Sudras.

Siva Sena: We have another group called the Siva Sena which means "soldiers of Siva." Another Hindu God among the three. A prominent political party named Bharathiya Janatha is a Siva Sena. These are the cruelest groups. They march up and down the roads with knifes and sticks and drums. Their slogan is "we are Hindus and we have to abolish the Christians from India using any means" You might have heard that in one of my states a denominational missionary's family was burned in their car by these people and recently in one my districts they beat a denominational missionary with sticks. The government turned a blind eye to these events and ignored them.

There are areas of the 20  Hindu temples where preachers cannot go and teach or distribute tracts. The government will arrest and take severe actions against those who do.

Problems with Denominations

We have problems with denominations too. We have some wealthy denominations; Pentecostals, 7th day Adventists, Lutherans and New Apostolics. They attract the people by constructing large beautiful buildings for their denominations. They also attract the people with their false healings, instruments, tongues and false teachings on the Holy Spirit.

Challenge of India

It is a challenge for us to work in India. We have to overcome all of these problems. "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:" 1 Peter 2:9

We have to overcome our adversary the devil who "as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour." 1Pet:5 8

We have more than 99.95% of all the other religions in India. We have to preach the Gospel. I have placed my burden and trust on Him and I'm trying my best for the building of our Lord's kingdom. It is not the battle of Esudas but the battle is of our Lord.

I started a Preachers Training School and two church buildings. I am looking to God's providential care and will to complete these buildings.

Educating the Poor is the key to the lasting success of the Lord's church in India.  I have a goal in mind that I keep close to my heart. If we can strengthen the Lord's church in India physically and spiritually it will be helpful to the Kingdom of Christ. We have to produce strong Christians. I hope to start a Christian School and a home for Orphans that produces strong educated Christians. If they grow in the Love of the Lord from their child hood I am sure they will become healthy mature Christians and also economically productive within our society. I don't like to graduate them and send them out from school after the completion of their 7th or 10th year classes. We would like to see them go on to be doctors, engineers or officers. If we can help produce these type of Christians among the lower caste in India the church in India will someday become self supported and then be able to send missionaries to other foreign lands.  But for now, we are wholly dependant upon the generosity of others who can help with our needs. 

Recently my two children were baptized into Christ. It has become a problem for me in that they need to be in worship with me. Usually I ride my motor cycle and bring my wife on it. But I am facing the problem of bringing my family to the worship on my motor cycle. Between the three congregations where I preach, I travel at least 80 kilometers and have only my motorcycle for transportation. I usually arrive home by 11:30 at night from the congregations.

I am hoping to help raise enough support to enable me to bring my whole family to worship with me in a car. It will also be useful for me to bring the converted people to the rivers or canals where there is water for baptisms available. There are no hospitals in the villages where I am working. A car would make it possible for me to transport the sick to the hospitals where they can receive necessary care. Currently I am trying to transport them by motor cycle but it is difficult for me.

I need your prayers and encouragement. All the churches of Christ in India greet you. Romans16:16.

B.Esudas ,
Narasaraopet-522 601
Guntur-Dist. A.P . India.

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