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The church of Christ in Massed Manyam
In the territory of Vinukonda is a village named Massad Manyam.  This village, located about 40 kilometers from Esudas' home town of Narasaraoepet. 

The land that the village of Massad Manyam sets on was formerly the property of a muslim.  The Indian government annexed the property and established the village as a place for homeless people to settle who were formerly living on the sides of the roads. 

The village of Massad Manyam is home to about 250 families who live in huts.  They work primarily for private individuals or companies finding work wherever they can.  Their average daily wage is about 2 dollars. 

Esudas has been holding private Bible studies with several families there for several weeks now.  The first two new Christian converts were baptized on January 19, 2009 and the congregation of the church of Christ in Massad Manyam was established. 

Esudas Son, Bontha Bharath Bhushan, is conducting the worship services on Sunday evenings at the new congregation.  Plans are being made to train the local people of the new congregation so that they can meet at other times and study God's word.    At this time they have no worship facility.  Services are held in the streets of the village.

There are two denominations working in the area as well.  It is always a concern that they will try and convert the new Christians to their beliefs.  It is vital that these people are grounded in the truth as soon as possible.  Esudas requests your prayers on behalf of this effort.  May it bring glory to God.


Please join with us in welcoming Vinukonda Nynalu and Vinukonda Vijaya to the brotherhood of the Lord's church.  Please keep them in your prayers as they grow and mature in the Kingdom of our Lord. 


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