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Bobby Stafford Keep Your Eyes On God     Perseverance

Keep Your Eyes on God


King David put descendants of Levi in change of the musical worship before the ark in Jerusalem and the tabernacle in Gibeon.  Later on it would also be in the temple.  (I Chronicles 6:16, 31-33a, 25:1, 7-8) The psalm we will focus on (Psalm 73) is one of David’s.  Note from I Chronicles 25:1 that he prophesied through the songs.  He was guided by the Spirit of God.  He was God’s spokesman.  (I Chronicles 25:3b)

Text:  Psalm 73


I. My Eyes Turned Away from God  (Verses 1-15)

· Verses 1-2 His eyes were starting to stray from God.  This lack of focus was hurting his walk with God.  He was stumbling and slipping.

· Verse 3 “When I saw” – He was enticed by what his neighbor had. Tantalus, in Greek mythology, [king of Lydia and son of Zeus] Tantalus was a favorite mortal of the gods until he was caught trying to deceive them.  The gods then condemned him to hang forever from a tree in Tartarus, the lowest region of the underworld.  Under the tree was a pool of water, but when Tantalus stooped to drink, the pool would dry.  The branches above him were laden with fruit, but when he reached up, the wind blew the branches away.  He became the symbol of utter frustration.  Today his name is remembered in the word “tantalize.” Where you stand, determines what you see.  See Psalm 37:1,7, Jeremiah 12:1)

· Verses 4-5  The psalmist describes his temptation to be envious of those with many earthly possessions because of how much easier their life seemed to be.  They had everything and lacked for nothing.  Note his eyes were not in focus.  Many wicked people through time experienced terrible deaths – Jezebel, Absalom, Herod, Judas. . .

· Verses 6-9  They are proud, arrogant, and boastful.  They act like they own the world.  See Psalm 109:18-19.  They didn’t care what they said or did because they did not fear or respect God.  They mocked God. (Jude :16)

· Verses 10-12  The wicked don’t believe in God or at least His power. (Job 22:12-14)

· Verses 13-15 Asaph’s vision was still out of focus because he doubted being good was worth it.  Note Elihu’s words in Job 34:9. 

II. My Eyes Turned to God  (Verses 16-20)

· Verses 16-17 Enlightenment came in the house of God.  Worship puts God at the center of our vision.  It’s only when God is at the center of our focus that we see things as they really are.  Life is about perspective; it is keeping a clear focus with our eyes turned to God.

· Verses 18-20 A clear focus helps us see the real future of the wicked. (Psalm 35:5-6, 37:38)  Their future is filled with terrors. 

III. My Eyes Remain on God  (Verses 21-28)

· Verses 21-22 The answer to life’s injustices is not to be expected in this life.  The ignorant couldn’t see clearly.

· Verses 23-24  God is always with us if we just open our eyes.  (Psalm 139:7-10)  We need to cling to Him.  (Psalm 63:8)  Follow His counsel. 

· Verse 25  Having God, one needs nothing else.  (Psalm 16:2)

· Verse 26  Regardless of what happens, if I remain close to God, He will be my rock.  (Psalm 18:1-2)

· Verse 27 The wicked are far from God.  (Psalm 119:155)  When the last breath of life leaves the wicked, their dream existence will come to an end.  (II Thessalonians 1:8-9)  This life is the only heaven they will ever know.

· Verse 28  Being near to God is always the best!  (James 4:7-8, Hebrews 10:22) 


It’s so easy for us to turn away our eyes from God.  It takes effort to remain focused on Him and His Word. 

Bobby Stafford 

December 7, 2014


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