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Galatians Outline

Chapter Introduction

Section 1
Paul's Declaration and Defense of his Apostolic Commission

  1. Apostolic address and greeting (1:1-5).
  2. Vigorous rebuke because of their apostasy (1:6-10).
  3. The Divine Origin of Paulís Gospel (1:11-12).
  4. Paulís Former Life in Judaism (1:13-14).
  5. Paulís Conversion/Calling and Its Immediate Results (1:15-17).
  6. Paulís First Visit to Jerusalem (1:18-20).
  7. After the Jerusalem Visit (1:21-24).
  8. Paulís Second Visit to Jerusalem (2:1-10).
  9.  Further evidence of his independence by referencing his personal rebuke of Peter and others over their hypocrisy (Gal 2:11-15).
  10. A summary statement in direct opposition to the teachings of those who had perverted the truth. (Gal 2:16-21).

Section 2
The all sufficiency of the Gospel as opposed to the insufficiency of the Old Law in the justification of men.

 1. Justification by the faith of Christ (3:1-9).
2. The Curse of the Law of Moses (3:10-14).
3. The Promise to Abraham (3:15-18).
4. The Purpose of the Law of Moses (3:19-25).
5. All Christians are Sons of God and Heirs of the Promise through Baptism (3:26-29).
6. The Christian's Inheritance is through Jesus Christ (4:1-7).

Section 3
The Two Covenants

1. Paul's concern over the Apostasy of the Galatians (4:8-20).
2. The Allegory of the Two Covenants (4:21-31).
3. Exhortation to remain stedfast in the Liberty provided by Christ from the law of Moses (5:1-6).
4. Resist the Judaizers (5:7-12).
5. Love Fulfills the Law (5:13-15).
6. Walking in the Spirit (5:16-26).

Section 4
Practical Advice & Close of the Epistle

1. Bear and Share the Burdens of Others (6:1-5).
2. Be Generous and Do Good (6:6-10).
3. Glory Only in the Cross of Christ (6:11-15).
4. Plea to Walk According to the Rule of Christ (6:16-17).
5. Paul's Hope of Grace to the Galatians (6:18).

Church of Christ Commentary and Study Guide for the book of Galatians


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