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At Granby, MO


The 4th Annual Preachers Files Lectureship


Youth Gathering Oct 16th 2010

What does the church of Christ Believe?

That's a really good question and we are very glad you are here so that we can give you an answer to that.  This is a brief summary of what we believe.  We hope you find it of interest and after reading, seek to look a little deeper into the matter.

First of all, we believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He established only one church in New Testament times and that the membership of this one church was made up of Christians only.  When you look around today you see a whole host of different denominations out there, each one with its own specific belief on doctrinal issues.  Several of them have differing teachings on what one must do in order to live a pleasing life before God and to inherit an eternal home with Him in heaven. 

These different beliefs and teachings are where the concern comes from.  Since we cannot come back from the grave and get a second chance to live an acceptable life, we believe that being on the path that God has prescribed for us is of utmost importance.  Our eternal destiny depends on whether or not we get it right. 

We recognize the Bible as the inspired, inerrant word of God which is our sole authority for what we practice, what we teach and how we live.  We believe the old testament was the authority for those who lived before Jesus Christ died on the cross.  We believe the new testament is the authority for those living after the death of Christ and is given by inspiration of God and completely furnishes us for every good work

The Bible teaches that there is only one body of Christ practicing only one faith.  All of the various denominations (divisions) with their different beliefs and teachings are not found in the New Testament.  One cannot turn to the pages of the New Testament and read about any of the denominations we see today.  They were all established by men some time after the writing of the New Testament. 

Jesus taught that the doctrines of men rendered our worship vain so we are deeply concerned about all the division we see in the church today.   We do not want our worship to be vain and we do not want to be guilty of teaching the commandments of men to others.  We seek to walk a Godly path which must be right and that cannot fail.

We know that there were Christians who lived in the first century that lived acceptable lives before God and were saved.  We seek to pattern our lives after their approved examples which are recorded for us in scripture by inspiration of God.  We believe that if we follow the teachings of Jesus as humble and willing servants, believe what the new testament Christians believed, do what they did which God approved of, worship how they worshipped and live how they lived we will be just what they were; Christians only.

We do not want to be identified as any denomination.   We reject the teachings of men which add to or take away from that which can be found in scripture.  We do not add anything manmade to our worship, nor do we take anything approved by God from our worship.  We do not wish to be called anything that the new testament Christians were not called.  They wore no manmade names, they followed no manmade creeds.  They were simply Christians and they served God according to His will. 

We believe this is the way to seek, find and to walk that path that must be right and that cannot fail.  We invite you to learn more about us.  We feel a great joy in the Lord.  It is our desire that we could share it with everyone.  If you have any further questions or need some help that we can offer, please ask and we will help if we can.  You are invited to read and learn more about the new testament church of Christ. 

There are some links below to more material on who we are, how we worship and what we believe.  Thank you for you interest.  

David Hersey


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