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Gospel Meeting October 2008

The 3rd Annual Preachers Files Lectureship

Youth Gathering Oct 25th

God Vs the World on the Value of Life

The congregation of the church of Christ in Granby, Missouri, hosted the 2008 Third Annual Preachers Files Lectureship.  The dates for the lectureship were July 25, 26, and 27th

The topic for this years lectureship was
God VS the World

The Preachers Files is an organized online archive of sound Biblical material for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to "go into all world and preach the Gospel"
People from over a hundred nations around the earth come to the Preachers Files Website to study online and to learn more about God's will for mankind.

A congregation of
The Lord's church

We at the congregation of the church of Christ at Granby would like to thank all the preachers and teachers who took the time and gave of themselves to come here and participate in this lectureship.  We are indeed grateful for all that was done on our behalf and in the service of our Lord in His kingdom.

For more information Email

Bobby Stafford

David Hersey

Travis Main


The Preachers Files

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Kevin Cauley

Born in Abilene, Tex., in 1968, Kevin was adopted into the Charles and Bobbie Cauley family as an infant. They moved to Austin, Tex., where he was raised. He graduated from the Southwest School of Bible Studies in 1989. He earned a degree in Philosophy and Greek from the University of Texas at Austin in 1994. In 1991 Kevin married the former Mary Lynn Forehand. He worked in the computer industry from 1995-2001 when he decided to preach full time. During his education and employment, he preached part time. In January of 2002 he began preaching for the Berryville church of Christ in Berryville, Arkansas where he preached for six years. He is now working as a full time instructor with the Southwest School of Bible Studies in Austin, Texas.


Third Annual Preachers Files Lectureship

God Vs the World

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The Value of Life

Kevin Cauley
Second Annual Preachers Files Lectureship*
Let Brotherly Love Continue
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To Seek Unity

Kevin Cauley
First Annual Preachers Files Lectureship**
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Examples of Evangelism     Kevin Cauley
Contact Kevin Cauley Southwest School of Bible Studies
*Second Annual Preachers Files Lectureship Pelham church of Christ, Pelham, Alabama
**First Annual Preachers Files Lectureship Berryville church of Christ, Berryville, Arkansas

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