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The Lukewarm Christian


I was recently contacted by a pulpit committee that was interested in my ministry.  I met the Chairman of the Disenchanted, Bro Tepid.  He described his church; First Lukewarm Church of the Apathetic.  “Nothing too boring, nothing too exciting.  We want it to fit into our American Culture Christianity.  No songs too slow, no songs too fast.  Nothing from the ancient songs and nothing after the 70s.”  Nothing ever challenging.  We want encouragement and comfort.”

He sang to me the Churches Theme Song.                                                                                                   
“Sitting on the premises of Christ our friend.                                                                                                   
Through eternal ages let the service end.                                                                                                         
Glutted to the highest we will moan and sing.                                                                                                    
Sitting on the premises and dead.                                                                                                                       
Sitting on the premises, sitting on the premises,                                                                                              
Sitting on the premises of Christ our servant.                                                                                                   
Sitting on the premises, sitting on the premises,                                                                                                        
We’re sitting on the premises and dead.”

He proudly described the Church as irresolute and uncommitted.  He introduced to me the other committee members; Bobby Bored, Connie Cool.  He described the great teachings the women received who participated in the Church’s Women’s Indifference Society.  There seemed to be great growth in one class; The Mellow Sunday School Class.  They were excited about an upcoming event; The Men’s Worldly and Wise Conference.  An upcoming revival was going to be led by The Reverend Marvin Mundane.  The church had started the Spiritless Seniors group who were going to focus on traveling to entertainment locations like Branson Missouri and Las Vegas.  This would bring the Church back into balance because of the growing Unresponsive Youth Program.

They were looking for a pastor who could scratch their ears, stir their emotions, help their self-esteem, complement their current spiritual condition and validate their unchanging ministries and priorities.  On the bright side, they were going to pay well and the benefits were killer.

The problem?  That pig won’t swim.

(From a sermon by Tim White, When Pigs Can’t Swim, 8/22/2011)

Would you fit in well at that church?  Does lukewarm, half-hearted, or apathetic describe you?  Let’s take an honest look at ourselves to see if we fit the profile of a lukewarm Christian.


I.             The lukewarm man feels he does a great and marvelous thing by making it to the church service.  He believes doing this is all it takes to enter the gates of heaven.  He is willing to do only what he thinks is the minimum. 

II.           The lukewarm person gives God the left-overs, not the first fruits.  He gives as long as it doesn’t interfere with his wants or his standard of living.  Jehovah is honored when His people give of their first fruits.  (Proverbs 3:9-10, Nehemiah 10:35, II Chronicles 31:5)

III.          The lukewarm man lets Jesus control part of his life, not all of it.  But Jesus wants all of us!  (Luke 9:57-62)  We are to be completely devoted to God in every area of our lives.  (Matthew 22:37-38)

IV.         The lukewarm person loves himself and this world more than other people and heavenly things.  Philippians 3:18-20 describes this type of person.  Also note Colossians 3:2.  This person will serve, but only to a certain extent.  He doesn’t want to sacrifice or be put out.                      (Luke 18:21-25)


Have any of these descriptions caused you to think?  Maybe it’s time to repent!

 Bobby Stafford                                                                                                February 10, 2013

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