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Bobby Stafford Women   Mankind February 20, 2011 Sunday AM Sermon

What does the church of Christ teach about Women?
What does the Bible say about Women?




     We will look at three words in the Old Testament describing women in order to deepen our understanding of Godís view of women.


   I.  Woman Ė Eve

  • Woman was taken out of man, a part of man, out of his side.  There is a sense of oneness.      Genesis 2:23

  • Many ancient cultures held women in low regard.  God holds them in the highest  regard.

  • The Law of Moses protected women as well as men.  (Not true of many societies)  Exodus 21:28-32

  • Women had inheritance rights. (Not true in the Victorian Age)  Numbers 36:1-12

  •  Women could hold property.   Numbers 27:8-11

  • Women participated in Jewish feasts.     Deuteronomy 16:10-11

  • Women could take a Nazarite vow.   Numbers 6:1-2

  • Women could be involved in spiritual services.  This is only mentioned here,
    so it is not clear what services were included.   Exodus 38:8

  •  Eve is the mother of all living.  She is part of man and man is part of her.   Genesis 3:20

II.      A Helper Fit for Him

  • Woman is one who helps or assists, a help meet.  Most of the time this word
    is used to mean of divine aid, help from God.  Why? Man needs it!    Genesis 2:18

  • God made man a counterpart: a helper who complements him (completes him);
    suitable for what he needs.        Genesis 2:18

III. Virtuous Woman

  • A virtuous or excellent woman should have a strong moral character.  Proverbs 31:10

  • A prudent wife is from God.  She is of tremendous value.   Proverbs 12:4, 19:14

  • A righteous woman is a good example and an influence for good.

  • A righteous woman is diligent, not lazy.  She takes care of her house.

 The New Testament paints a similar picture in holding women in high regard.  All are heirs to the promise. 
Salvation is available to all.  Women are of value to the husband, family, society, culture, and religion.  Galatians 3:28


Bobby Stafford

February 20, 2011




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